Who is Alberta Driver Education & Training?

Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is a professional driving school serving Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding communities.

We are a committed establishment providing the highest quality of driver ed programs by fostering a dynamic learning environment for both in-class and in-car courses.

Our team of seasoned driving instructors are knowledgeable and have taught students how to drive in both Calgary and Airdrie. They aim to increase a student's confidence in their driving ability by catering to each individual student's unique needs to establish comfortable atmosphere as they learn how to drive with purpose.

Our Process

Our teaching process is fluid enabling us to identify a student's strengths and weakness with driving which then allows us to create an individualized lesson plan built to help the student succeed. Any areas of driving which causes stress or anxiety for a student will be isolated and worked on extensively to alleviate the pressure on the student as the progress through their courses. At Alberta Driver Education and Training we aim to bring a drivers ed experience which brings preparedness and an easy confidence for the student as they work towards their driver’s examinations. Our driving school's mission is to provide the highest quality driver education coupled with practical safe driving habits for years to come.

Driver's Ed with Alberta Driver Education & Training

Attending driving school and being trained in defensive driving is a must in the ever growing city of Calgary. Taking drivers ed can help increase your confidence and likelihood of passing a class 5 basic road test. Driving around the city can be daunting with unexpected traffic or bad road conditions could be dangerous and made far worse when put into an emergency situation on the road. Getting professional driver’s ed could save your life and the lives of everyone else on the road by providing a foundation of safe driving habits along with a healthy respect for road safety rules. At Alberta Driver Education & Training our experienced driving instructors will prepare you by educating you on the rules of the road and what to do in emergency situations such as hydroplaning or icy winter conditions. Alberta Driver Education & Training can prepare you for Alberta road testing for your class 5 basic or class 5 advanced GDL road test. Alberta Driver Education & Training promotes training student’s to develop safe driving habits that will stick without throughout their lives. Driving is a privilege and not a right; we intend to teach our students to become a responsible driver that is courteous and respectful of all others on the road as well. Learning how to drive could be a new and exciting milestone in your life.

Why should you choose Alberta Driver Education for your driver training?

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