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Are you looking for an Airdrie driving school that can provide you with quality driver training? Look no further, Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is your best bet.

With pick up and drop off service available driver's ed will be a hassle free, and fun experience. Our senior instructor first began his driver instructor career in Airdrie and has intimate knowledge with the roads and areas surrounding Airdrie. With over two years of experience in Airdrie alone our instructors have designed basic to advanced driver training routes for Airdrie students in order for the student to slowly progress and advance in a manner that is challenging yet not overwhelming.

Are you looking for an Airdrie driving school?

As of late we have received many inquiries as to whether or not we serve the Airdrie area. Due to the high volumes of inquires we have decided to write an article to clarify. Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is a Calgary driving school that also serves the Airdrie area.

What to look for in an Airdrie driving school?

At ADET we believe that students driving in Calgary and Airdrie have different needs due to the difference in the driving environments. In general the students in Calgary are forced to learn how to drive in a more demanding environment; this is due to the higher volumes of traffic and the abundance of major roadways that require us to drive at high speeds when communting between the cities of Calgary and Airdrie.

This is why our Airdrie students are always given the opportunity to drive beyond Airdrie limits during driver training - when they are capable of doing so. We do this because we understand that it is an inevitability that these students will need to drive outside of their local areas; this is true of all drivers. The last thing we want is for the student to feel surprised or uncomfortable when it comes time to drive on the highway.

What can an Airdrie driving school do for you?

For our Airdrie customers the lack of fast roads and traffic volume can be a great place to start by learning the fundamentals of driving; however getting used to these conditions is not necessarily a good thing. At ADET we try to compensate for this by taking our Airdrie students into Calgary. By doing this the students can experience highway driving as well as higher traffic volumes during the driver training process.

Whether you're looking for an Airdrie driving school to help you pass the road test or to gain driving experience - we at Alberta Driver Education & Training want to ensure that we give our clients as much help as they need in order to provide them with the fundamental experiences and skills that will keep them safe for years to come. We also recommend that even after completing their driver's ed and road tests - to revisit our website and read our articles. Please remember that the class 5 basic road test is designed to only test your basic driving skills; even after passing this test there are many ways to improve your driving skills to ensure safety in your driving career.

What is different about driving schools in Airdrie and driving schools in Calgary?

All Calgary and Airdrie Driving schools alike must be approved by the Alberta Transportation Board, thus the actual training program should not differ. All students must progress though driver training modules of a standardized curriculum as a minimal requirement to pass. We at ADET establish ourselves by providing quality drivers ed and great customer service, throughout the process of providing the Alberta Transportation Board approved program.

Training on highways such as the ones in Calgary is important, however in our program we also make sure the Airdrie students have local driving experience. Typically a student from Airdrie will start on familiar grounds to help them feel more comfortable since it is their neighbourhood. This will be significant as the student will most likely take a road test in Airdrie. Being familiar with the area will be an asset when the student challenges the class 5 basic road test.

Why choose us for your Airdrie driving school?

At Alberta Driver Education & Training we believe that it is important to help our students familiarize themselves with their local areas, however more importantly, it is to challenge our students to help them learn as much as possible and to further their driving skills. We never commit to only one basic repetitive route during driver training. We will use multiple routes designed for students at every level. From quiet residential neighbourhoods to introduce the student to the fundamental basics of driving - to busy highways.

We proceed at a pace that is appropriate for the student's ability; by doing this we can ensure that each and every student's driver's ed experience will be unique and personally tailored. Since the driver instructor will have a finite amount of time to train with the student it is our mission to make sure that every student learns as much as they can beyond the required techniques to passing the road test.

The Training Program

All Calgary and Airdrie driving schools must follow specific guidelines that are set out by ATB (Alberta Transportation Board). Generally the pace and the route taken is up to the driver instructor. At Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. we believe that every student is unique and will have different learning needs.

The driver instructor will take notice of a student's comfort level, driving ability, and confidence before designing a driver training route and pace that is appropriate for the student. As long as the student is comfortable and competent the driver instructor will try to give the student maximum exposure to different conditions and driving experiences necessary for anyone who is beginning their driving career.

Some examples:
  • Sunrise/Sunset conditions

  • Highway driving

  • Parking scenarios

  • Calgary downtown

  • Primary and Secondary highways

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