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Alberta Driver Education & Training offers several drivers ed courses to suit your needs. New to Canada? Try our newcomers course to learn what you'll need to know to learn how to drive in Calgary. Failed a road test recently? Take our brush-up course to get the specific practice that you need with in-car driver training.

Class 5 GDL Basic Course

The class 5 GDL basic course is a perfect course for students of all levels. From beginners who have recently completed their class 7 learners license to those who are preparing to challenge the Class 5 GDL Road Test.

Whether you are a brand new driver or someone looking to brush up on your skills, Alberta Driver Education & Training has you covered.
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Brush Up Course

Brush-up hours are designed for students who wish to practice additional hours with a driver instructor outside of the traditional driver training course. It is however recommended that students first participate in the Class 5 Basic Course to learn how to drive initially. The brush-up course is not designed to replace a full drivers ed program, but to compliment it.

In addition to extra brush up hours Alberta Driver Education & Training can provide students with some practice direction to help students build a foundation of safe driving habits and experience. this in turn will help you pass your road test.
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Newcomer Course

Drivers who have had driving experience outside of Canada but are uncertain about driving or road laws in Alberta will benefit from taking Alberta Driver Education and Training Brush Up courses. Canada has its own specific set of rules for driving and some of these rules vary province to province.

There is also the added challenge of Canadian weather which can create some of the most dangerous road conditions on the planet and is well worth preparing for. How to drive in certain Canadian conditions can be very different than you may be used to in your previous country.

If you have moved to Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas from another country, the drivers ed program may be unnecessary for you, and really all you need is a small amount of driver training to brush-up on your skills and learn about conditions unique to Canada.
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