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Alberta Driver Education & Training wants you to establish life-long safe driving habits. The articles below are written by driving school staff and instructors from the Calgary and Airdrie area.

No matter what you read, you should always practice what is the safest for you and those around you.

Can you jumpstart your own vehicle?

Vince L. | November 7, 2014, 2014    Read More
ADET recently conducted a survey of young adults and teenagers who have recently started driving, and we found that more than half of our candidates have not boosted a battery before. We found that of the 40 percent that have, only 60 percent of those that have attempted a jump start before, did not remember how or would not be confident in doing this again. Do you know how to jump start (boost) your own vehicle? Read More

Winter Tires vs All Seasons - The Great Debate

Vince L. | October 23, 2014    Read More
For a long time now there have been debates regarding the effectiveness of winter tires - Is it worth your hard earned money to change from your all-seasons to use winter tires when the snow falls? Since they say "all season", doesn't that mean that the tires are good for summer and winter? Read More

Why does my car battery keep dying?

Vince L. | October 8, 2014    Read More
So your battery dies. You need a boost. Luckily we live in Calgary and some nice person decided to help you in the name of Christmas spirit. Now your car has started and your saviour is gone what do you do? Well you need to let your battery charge up again, so you decide to take the long way home and that should be the best way to charge up your dead battery, right? Wrong!

The best way to charge a dead battery is not by driving it but by starting it and letting it sit there and idle. Once your car starts your engine will be running and thus spinning the alternator. The alternator is the device in your car that will convert mechanical energy into electricity. Even if your battery is completely dead, as long as you don't turn off the engine the car will continue to run. Normally, alternators in cars will produce 14.2 to 14.5 volts. While the car is driving, most of these volts will go to operating the many features requied while driving the vehicle - such as signal lights, radio, heat, and fans. The rest of the volts will be reserved for charging your vehicles battery. Read More

Christmas is coming! ..... So is the snow

Vince L. | September 22, 2014    Read More
With Christmas fast approaching, it seems that the time passes by even faster. As our days shorten and our summer ends a familiar scene that all Calgarians are used to seeing starts to appear before us again. Soon we will see snow falling followed by snow accumulating on the ground as our breath begins to show in the air.

Should you take your Calgary driving lessons in the winter? Driving lessons could be a great Calgary Christmas gift idea. Read More

Separating myth from fact

Vince L. | September 15, 2014    Read More
Useful tricks about your car that you probably didn't know.
  • Water for coolant?
  • Foggy windows? Does it take you too long to clear up during rainy days?
  • The dead battery push start
  • Biodiesel
Read More

Hydroplaning / Aquaplaning

Vince L. | September 5, 2014    Read More
Hydroplaning is a condition that happens when your vehicle is traveling at high speeds as you hit a pool of water on the surface of the road. Due to the speed the water is then forced under the tire as the water cannot be displaced in time. Hydroplaning is an issue that all Albertans must face.

Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. has written this article to help drivers understand the causes and proper procedure when you find yourself hydroplaning and struggling for control of your vehicle. Read More

Wildlife on the road

Vince L. | August 28, 2014    Read More
Alberta is home to an abundant amount of wildlife. Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc is a Calgary driving school that believes that although we cannot eliminate this aspect of modern day transportation we can learn preventative measures that can help us reduce our chances of collision with wildlife.

The key to preventing wildlife collisions is understanding the environment and the animals themselves. Read More

How to drive safely outside the city

Vince L. | July 15, 2014    Read More
As summer comes upon us it is likely that a new driver will experience their first time driving beyond the city limits. Camping, fishing, and hiking activities are after all, a favorite pass time of many Albertans. The first trip can be daunting for some drivers and easy to others, it all depends on the level of experience that the driver has. Driving inside of the city has its similarities to driving on rural highways; however there are very subtle differences. Understanding these differences and adjusting for them will help make your drive safer and more comfortable. Read More

How do I merge safely?

Vince L. | July 8, 2014    Read More
While learning how to drive, merging can be one of the most difficult manoeuvres to perform. Attending a driving school is one of the best ways to learn how to properly and safely merge into another lane with other vehicles on the road. The rules imposed for changing lanes are designed to maintain the safety of the driver and other vehicles on the road. Driver training will also help with your merging skills. Read More

What you need to know about stopping distances

Vince L. | July 1, 2014    Read More
At Alberta Driver Education & Training we believe that having the proper knowledge and experience is the key to improving reaction time and reducing total stopping distance. This article will tell you the two main factors that you need to know about safe stopping distances. Read More

What is an insurance reduction course, and how can I lower my insurance?

Vince L. | June 6, 2014    Read More
Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is a Calgary driving school that provides quality driver training to Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas. Many of our students have asked about the insurance reduction course, and other insurance related issues while learning how to drive. We at ADET have decided to write an article to help others understand what it is and why participating in the class 5 basic course will reduce your insurance. Read More

Learning how to drive defensively

Vince L. | May 11, 2014    Read More
Defensive driving can mean many things. To many, defensive driving is referring to a defensive driving course that professionals can take to learn how to control slides, evasive driving, and convoy formations etc. This is different from a driver training course. These courses are used to educate those working in the field of protection, law enforcement, or other various government agencies. Here at Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc., we believe that it is something much more simplistic. Read More

Tips and tricks for surviving Calgary winters

Vince L. | March 5, 2014    Read More
At Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc., we believe that even though we can't always be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions, having the proper knowledge and preparation is the key to conquering winter driving and feeling safe and confident. Remember, safe winter driving is having the knowledge and training while using it in winter driving situations. Learning how to drive and taking a driver training course in the winter may be beneficial. Read More

Drivers from another country & licensing in Alberta

Vince L. | February 18, 2014    Read More
If you are from another country, you may not need to learn how to drive in Calgary. It may be necessary for you to provide a driving history and be subject to road testing before Alberta Registries can exchange your foreign license for an Alberta Driver's License. This process can be tricky and cumbersome, make sure you leave yourself lots of time in order for this process to happen, and make sure you read and understand the process before you proceed. Make sure you are asking the proper questions to avoid confusion. We also offer a driver training brush-up course for newcomers, to familiarize new Canadians with local road systems and configurations. Read More

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