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Vince L. | June 6, 2014
Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is a Calgary driving school that provides quality driver's education to Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding areas. Many of our students have asked about the insurance reduction course, and other insurance related issues. We at ADET have decided to write an article to help others understand what it is and why participating in the class 5 basic course will reduce your insurance.
Insurance Reduction Course Explained
How to further reduce insurance
What are abstracts & demerits?
The insurance reduction course is no different than the class 5 basic course offered here at Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. Insurance reduction is not the only benefit of learning how to drive. All students that participate and pass the class 5 basic course are given a certificate as proof off completion. The student will then take an Alberta Class 5 Road Test at an Alberta registry agent. Once the student passes this test they are now eligible to exchange their class 7 learners license for a class 5 drivers license. During this process the certificate provided by the Calgary driving school will also be submitted to the registry.

This certificate proves that you have completed your driver training course and a letter code will be added to your abstract driving record. When insurance companies use your abstract to access your insurance application they will be able to confirm your driving experience. In turn you will be given a reduced rate of insurance.
Another way that you can reduce your insurance rates is through the passage of time. Keeping a good and safe record without any insurance claims or accidents will greatly help to reduce your insurance rates in the future. Insurance companies also see young drivers as a higher risk category; this means that young drivers are statistically more likely to get into accidents. This is why learning how to drive early on is important.

The opposite is also true, insurance companies see mature drivers as a lower risk group, less likely to cause or get into accidents. If you keep a good record on your abstract, as you mature - eventually your insurance company will automatically reduce your insurance rate. Taking a class 5 driver training course can help you to establish these habits - saving you money as early as possible.
An abstract is a record of your driving infringements that can be requested through your local Alberta Registries Agent. In Alberta we use a demerit point system, drivers start with a zero balance, however as they accumulate traffic and driving offenses, demerit points will be added to their driving record or abstract. When you receive a ticket from a peace officer, depending on the offense - some may come with demerits. These demerits will stay on your file for 2 years before they are removed. Depending on which type of license you possess, a maximum number of demerits are allowed; Class 5 GDL (8 demerits), Class 5 non-GDL (15 demerits). If a driver accumulates the maximum allowed demerits a license suspension will be enforced. Road testing for the Class 5 non-GDL may be difficult. Taking a driving training brush-up course can help to prepare you for your road test.

Abstracts do not only tell you how many demerits you currently have, but they also show information regarding the offenses as well. There are three different abstracts that you can purchase and all display the same information but are specific to the time period that you choose 3, 5 or 10 years.

Keeping your abstract clean is more important than you think, Insurance companies will use this report to access your insurance rates. If you plan to work as a driver or even to drive company vehicles, many times an abstract must be submitted at the time of your job application. Having a clean abstract is a definite asset for any job applicant.

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