Christmas is coming! ... So is the snow

Vince L.    Advice compiled from various Calgary driving schools | September 22, 2014
Now with Christmas fast approaching it seems that the time passes by even faster. As our days shorten and our summer ends, a familiar scene that all Calgarians are used to seeing starts to appear before us again.

Soon we will see snow falling followed by snow accumulating on the ground as our breath begins to show in the air. Fireplaces are fired up, mistletoes and Christmas lights alike are hung up and turned on.

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year.

People rushing in and out of malls and stores to search for the perfect gift for their loved ones, bad road conditions and holidays make for congested roads. Unfortunately this is also a season that sees lots of accidents.

The first winter can be very intimidating for new drivers. It is usually during the first winter that inexperienced drivers get into their first accident.

The lack of experience is all it needs to stop too short and slide into a fender bender. For this precise reason many students take their driver's ed courses during the summer, they feel that there is less to worry about during summer due to the easy driving conditions. The opposite is also true; many students and their parents save their driving lessons for the winter months to get that experience of driving in snowy conditions.

A perfect Christmas gift for your teen: Winter Driving Lessons

There is no right answer as both seasons' present different challenges and learning experiences. Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. is a Calgary driving school that serves both the Calgary and Airdrie areas, at ADET we believe that no matter when you take your classes your driver's education doesn't end there, motorists should always be improving their driving skills, classes can only teach you so much, wise decisions and experience should be your lifelong teacher. Remember there are always methods for increasing safety while on the roads.

Make driving school a part of Christmas for that special young driver in your life

Struggling to find the perfect gift this Christmas season for your youngster? Why not make driving lessons part of your Christmas present and give the gift of safety for years to come. Winter driving courses can be an invaluable experience for new drivers. In Calgary we experience an average of 8 months of snow fall, out of these 8 at least six of these months have a high likelihood for snow to accumulate on the ground. Historically out of 365 days at least 54 days are days with snow fall this means that if you drive in Calgary year round 15% of the time you will be driving while it is snowing.

Taking the winter driving course will help the student deal with the unfavorable conditions that winter roads present. The student will learn all the same basic information as the class 5 basic course, however during the in car driving lessons pending on the weather they may need to handle snowy or slick conditions. We will start slow and make sure the student is comfortable and competent to handle the next lessons, as the instructor progresses through the driving lessons the student will learn:
  • Winter preparation and basic car maintenance
  • What to do if you start sliding
  • Braking early and completing stops smoothly
  • Icy road surfaces
  • Proper procedure in an accident
  • Snow banks and how not to get trapped
  • Driving in lower light conditions
Having winter driving experience is always a valuable asset to every Calgarian. This year give the gift that's going to keep your children safe on the roads for years to come by having them learn proper driving methods and procedure. Take the fear out of the first winter of driving, we will teach them that through safe habits and good decisions there is no reason why we cannot safely navigate through the winter months. At ADET we believe that it is our duty to educate the drivers to ensure that everyone comes home for Christmas year after year. From the bottom of our hearts ADET wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season; and remember, don't drink and drive!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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