Common Driving and Driver Training Questions

   Answered by an instructor at a Calgary Driving School

What does a Calgary driving school do?

A driving school is an establishment that provides driver education services to the general public. Attending a driving school in Calgary is a precursor for many individuals wishing to become a licensed driver. Alberta Driver Education & Training is a driving school that is committed to providing the finest quality of driver education to its clients in the Calgary and Airdrie areas.

Why should I attend driving school?

Driving on the road is inherently risky; controlling an extremely heavy metal vehicle amongst many other extremely heavy vehicles requires a strict number of rules and regulations to avoid tragic accidents. Driving safe and responsibly is in the interest of you, your passengers, and of those driving around you as well. Driving schools inform new drivers on the rules of the road, how to handle emergency situations while driving, and instill confidence in their developing driving abilities by teaching the appropriate skills and knowledge for driving under all conditions.

By enrolling in a local driving school in Calgary, a new driver learns all the requirements of the official road test through vigorous practice and training on the streets of Calgary. Often taking a road test can be difficult simply because of nerves and the pressure associated with knowing that you have not prepared enough. Driving schools guarantee you that every aspect of the road test will be covered and more than that. Alberta Driver Education & Training goes one step further by providing various tips and tricks to perform various maneuvers such as parallel parking in a systematic fashion that is easy to remember when taking your road test.

Therefore, an individual who has attended our driving school in Calgary can be assured that they are fully prepared for the road test and the fear of not being prepared sufficiently should no longer be a concern.

Individuals practicing for a road test may have other concerns such as causing an accident while trying to learn how to drive initially. Driving school vehicles are equipped with a passenger break where the driving instructor will be sitting and monitoring your driving. If there ever is a moment where things seem out of control the driving instructor will coach the student and if necessary stop the vehicle to take things under their control. While driving with an instructor, a student can be assured that their safety is a priority and the dangers of driving are minimized as much as possible. This greatly decreases the margin of error and provides a safe and more forgiving environment for you to practice the knowledge during driving school in-class training.

We find that practice and incorporation of knowledge from driving school in-class instruction is the best way to instill confidence in new drivers. Driving schools can offer a comfortable environment both in-class and hands on driving experience.

Participating in driving schools and driver education courses can also give you a discount on vehicle insurance. Insurance companies recognize the value of driving schools and what driver education can provide and will rate discounts to driving school graduates

What is the insurance reduction course?

All students who pass the driver's education program (Class 5 Basic Course) are given original documents by our driving school. Graduates of the driver's education program will be provided a certificate which can be presented to an authorized Alberta registry agent. The agent will associate a code to your driver's abstract that insurance companies will then use to assess your insurance quote. Calgary insurance brokers will associate the code with individuals who have completed driving school indicating these individual to have lower accident rates and are therefore lower risk than other drivers who had not completed driving school. This will result in lower insurance rates for driving school graduates. Students are encouraged to contact their insurance provider of choice for more details.

Are all driving schools the same in Calgary?

The standard for all driving schools in Alberta is that they must be approved by Alberta Transportation Board. Furthermore, the driving instructors and in-class instructors must also be certified by the Alberta Transportation Board. Driver education programs that are taught from Calgary driving schools must also follow a strict curriculum as outlined by Alberta Transportation Board.

At Alberta Driver Education & Training, our mission is to single ourselves out for the dedication and passion we bring to our service for the Calgary and Airdrie communities. We accomplish this through the efforts of our skilled and experienced driving instructors, as well as the convenient services we make available to our clients. We provide a user friendly online registration system that enables our students to book their in-car and classroom sessions. This allows the student to pick the times that work best for their schedule. Alberta Driver Education & Training also takes a unique approach to teaching by providing a personalized lesson plan that caters to the students needs in terms of comfort level and driving ability. We still follow the guidelines of the course curriculum as set out by the Alberta Transportation Board, but will design a route most suited to our student's driving capabilities and slowly advance them through the various driving procedures. This way we foster an environment conducive to learning that is not too far out of a student's comfort zone yet still challenging. This method of teaching has given proven results and will develop a solid foundation of driving skills and knowledge for any individual who wishes to pass the road test.

Can/Will I be able to learn in a manual transmission vehicle?

At this time we do not offer courses for manual transmission vehicles. The primary goal of our establishment is to teach our students the rules of the road and the proper driving skills needed to be a safe and responsible driver on the road. Our philosophy is that by using a simpler automatic transmission vehicle the student can remain focused on the essential driving skills and knowledge required to pass their road test. Learning the clutch for a manual transmission vehicle is not a necessary requirement to passing a road test but learning the essentials of driving will make it easier in the future to learn. The vehicle that we use is a 2014 Nissan Sentra. Alberta Driver Education & Training chose this vehicle based on its excellent safety features and ease of use for students with little experience behind the wheel.

Will there be highway driving?

Yes, one of the essential elements of our driving school is to provide our students the skills and knowledge to drive on highways. City driving will inevitably involve getting your vehicle onto a highway or freeway and drive around with speeds reaching 110 kilometers per hour. Calgary is no different in this regard, and highways are often a part of the average Calgarians daily commute. We at Alberta Driver Education & Training believe that highway driving is an important skill for drivers to have. We include the highway experience as part of our driving school's driver's education program.

However, if the student demonstrates that they are not yet comfortable or ready for the challenges of highway driving then we will not force them to practice driving on a highway right away. Instead additional hours of practice will be added until the student feels comfortable to practice highway driving.

Click here for more information on highway driving.

Where will the in car sessions take place?

The driving instructor can pick you up or meet you at the Calgary or Airdrie location that best suits you. During in car sessions the driving instructor may instruct you to drive to places the student has never been before. However, the driving instructor will begin slowly and stay in areas you are familiar with and gradually increase the distance as your comfort level grows.

Is it better to attend driving school in the summer or winter?

Driving schools & summer driving - Pros of attending driving school during summer months
  • Driving during the summer time can be easier for some students as the road condition are better
  • Daylight hours are extended for more time to practice.
  • In the warm weather there is no need for bulky or restrictive clothing
  • Visibility is higher
Driving school and summer driving - Cons of attending driving school during summer months
  • Gravel and rocks may be hazardous if streets are not cleaned
  • There are generally more vehicles on the road during summer months
  • Better road conditions make it easier to speed accidentially
  • Construction usually takes place in the summer time causing traffic jams
Winter driving - Pros of attending driving school during winter months
  • Alberta winters are long and always a part of life, learning to drive in winter conditions is a necessity
  • There are generally less vehicles on the road during winter months
  • Students experience use of cold weather features on the car
  • Students learn to drive in lowered light conditions
Winter driving - Cons of attending driving school during winter months
  • Winter conditions can be daunting to inexperienced drivers
  • The white snow can be very bright (make sure you protect your eyes)
  • During winter months, daylight hours are not as long
Click here for information on road testing in winter conditions.

Will there be a test?

At the end of the in-class instruction the student will need to complete a quiz before they can move on into the in-car portion of the driver's education program. The final test for your in-car training will be challenging the road test and getting an Alberta driver's license. We can guide you through booking your road test in the Calgary and Airdrie area once your driver training is complete.

Does your driving school offer lessons in other languages?

Yes. We appreciate the diversity that Calgary and Airdrie have within their communities.
For this reason, we can offer in-car driving lessons in the following languages:
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese

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