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Drivers who have had driving experience outside of Canada but are uncertain about driving or road laws in Alberta will benefit from taking Alberta Driver Education and Training Brush Up courses. Canada has its own specific set of rules for driving and some of these rules vary province to province. There is also the added challenge of Canadian weather which can create some of the most dangerous road conditions on the planet and is well worth preparing for.

Our Brush Up course is available to provide the knowledge to drive safely in Alberta and help prepare students for a class 5 road test. Alberta Driver Education & Training can provide lessons with instructors who speak in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin. In Alberta, drivers from out of country may drive with an international license. However, if you intend to drive for longer than 90 days or intend to stay in Alberta, you must exchange your license for an Alberta driver's license. Taking a Class 5 Basic road test may be a necessary requirement in this process.

Out of country drivers should contact an Alberta authorized registry agent for details.

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What's Included in the Newcomer Course?

In-car Training

2.00 Hours

Our driving instructors will provide a pick up and drop off for all students. Once inside the vehicle our instructors will guide the student through all the components of the vehicle and ensure that proper safety habits are acknowledged before they begin driving with the student.

They will also discuss areas of driving where the student feels they are lacking and require the most assistance. After the lesson our instructors will provide an assessment for the student including tips and comments on the student’s driving ability or where they require the most practice.

Students may choose their own schedule when logged in to their account on the ADET website and reserve the time slots that work best for them. Every brush up session is 2 hours in length and can be booked ahead of time on the website. Multiple sessions may be booked or a few hours at a time with breaks in between sessions. 

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