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Road test preparation

You have sailed through the Class 5 Basic GDL course but that's only half the battle. In Alberta, students are required to take a class 5 basic road test at an authorized Alberta registry.

The road test will last around half an hour, and will involve driving your vehicle with an approved Alberta driver examiner in the front passenger seat. They will ask you to perform a variety of maneuvers on the road and assess your driving ability and knowledge to see whether you are qualified for a Class 5 Basic GDL license. Being unprepared for this road test is the most common cause for failure; having proper training is a necessity for anyone wishing to take the Class 5 Basic road test.

Our brush up course is a practical way for anyone to learn or review the necessary basics of driving required to pass the basic road test. Students may also want to participate in additional brush up sessions, however we recommend booking another session after you attend the first session as an additional lesson may not be necessary.

The Class 5 basic road test is a standardized test that can only be facilitated at an authorized Alberta registry. The driver examiner will test you on specific maneuvers and scenarios. Each test is designed to meet specific guidelines as set out by the Alberta Transportation Board.

Tips for class 5 road test

  • Make sure you bring glasses if you have them
    If you have a code "A" on your license you are required to bring your prescription glasses. Without them you cannot proceed with your Class 5 road test. Also Alberta registry policy requires you to perform an eye test when re-classing your license which cannot be completed without your prescription glasses. If you do not have the code but feel more comfortable driving with them, you have the option to take your test with prescription glasses on.

  • Review all parking scenarios
    In both the Class 5 Basic and Advanced road tests, you are required to perform hill parking and parallel parking. All other types of parking scenarios could be part of the examination. The Alberta driver examiner may instruct you to perform these parking procedures.

  • Show up to the test with plenty of time to spare
    A registry can be a busy place where you will most likely have to take a number or line up in order to be served. The road test is scheduled ahead of time and the driver examiner has set aside time for you specifically. If you are late for your class 5 road test you may miss your time slot and re-pay your fees and re-schedule for a later date. If you've booked your road test online, you should arrive at least 15 minutes early in the event that you have eligibility restrictions that need to be dealt with such as overdue fines or condition codes.

  • Try to relax before you test
    Give yourself extra time to avoid being rushed on the day of your road test. Taking your road test in a calm and collective manner will increase the chances of you passing the Class 5 Basic road test.

  • Use a vehicle you are comfortable with
    Not all vehicles drive the same, and driving one vehicle over another can have consequences when taking the road test. Driver controls, seat adjusters and shifters can vary from make and model of the vehicle. Using an unfamiliar vehicle on your road test can cause anxiety and increase your stress level while taking your Class 5 basic road test. Parking is much harder when you are not experienced with that vehicle's dimensions as well. Use the same vehicle that you have been practicing with when you are ready to take your road test so that you are comfortable while taking the test.

  • Check your documents before-hand (If you use your own vehicle)
    Click here for a road testing checklist.
    Alberta registry and Alberta Transportation Board policies dictates that students who wish to use their own vehicle during a road test must present the proper valid documentation before the Alberta driver examiner can begin.
       Insurance - Current policy details must be present
       Registration - Current registration is required
       Road Test Permit - This document is handled by the registry

Road testing anxiety

Anxiety can be an issue for all drivers. Some common stressors are when students drive a car they have not driven before,or the driver examiner could be a new face. This experience can be nerve racking. The majority of students will feel this onslaught of anxiety which is the most common cause for failing a road test.

At Alberta Driver Education & Training we feel that anxiety can be conquered by instilling confidence in our students. We accomplish this by providing a foundation of basic driving procedures and knowledge of all traffic laws. By providing thorough driver training and practice we meet our goal to provide high quality education while providing a convenient service. We enable students to drive properly with confidence even under high stress circumstances.

Common mistakes made during a road test

  • Hand or parking brake (after you park)
  • Parallel parking
  • Hill parking
  • Angle parking
  • Uncontrolled intersections
  • Merging
  • Speed management

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