Why Choose Alberta Driver Education & Training?

Students who have attended driving school are more likely to pass the road test on their first try. For Alberta Driver Education & Training students the confidence that we build with the student from the ground up enables the student to be more relaxed and confident during their road test.

All aspects of the road test will be covered through meticulous practice and constructive performance reviews during the in car lessons.

Our driving instructors will mimic the conditions of a road test for the student so that when the time comes to take the road test it will feel just like another session driving with one of our instructors.

Enjoy the peace of mind taking a road test with confidence because of accredited training and educational services offered by Alberta Driver Education & Training.

What sets us apart?

We will monitor a student's development and progress through the driver’s education program so that we may ensure that students are successful and can transition from in class sessions to in car sessions. This lowers wait times for enrollment and ensures that the information received during in class instruction portion of the driver's education program will be retained.

Our instructors are given access to a system that can hold notes about each student so that the instructor may come back at any time to review a student's progress and build from their previous lessons. This saves precious road time that can instead be used on solving problematic areas for the student in preparation for the Basic class 5 Alberta road test.
During an in car session our instructors are trained to start by showing a demonstration drive for the student to understand how the vehicle works. The driving instructor will ask them to drive a simple route so that they can assess a student’s level of comfort and ability driving on the road. This helps the instructor design a lesson plan catering to the student’s needs so that they may progress through the driver's education program at a pace that builds confidence in the student driver.

Switching licenses from a various countries can be a surprisingly difficult task to complete. Students originating from countries that have large differences in traffic rules and regulations may find it difficult to adjust to the new standards that Albertans adhere to. Differing climates create unique driving and road conditions. Alberta Driver Education & Training Inc. provides a brush up course specifically designed for newcomers and winter driving.

Albertans know all too well the havoc our fickle climate can wreak upon motorists who are inexperienced with ice and winter storm conditions. Depending on which country the license was obtained, the driver may be required to take a road test as per Alberta registry agent policies and procedures.

At Alberta Drivers Education & Training, we understand that this can be a taxing process, by being patient and understanding, our goal is to help ease the pain of students going through this process. In order to accommodate students who are new, Alberta Driver Education & Training currently offers courses in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

What makes Alberta Driver Education a Quality Calgary Driving School:

  • With a perfect safety record, our instructors are Alberta Transporation Board approved and have been trained to adhere to all Alberta Transport policies and procedures. The high quality of in-class and in-car training has significant positive impact on student’s success towards passing their road tests.

  • Basic safety inspections are performed on all our vehicles and logged regularly to minimize risk of mechanical failure

  • In-car and in-classroom training is also available in other languages such as Cantonese and Mandarin

  • Safe driving habits are invaluable and may be with you for the rest of your driving career. Our unique student progress tracking system enables the student to track their progress throughout the driver’s education program. Driving instructors can add comments and highlight areas where the student may need extra practice on; this allows our driving instructors to review notes before each session with a student and continue on where they left off last session. It is also a convenient way for students to track their in class and in car hours, should the student want to practice with their parents the student can log onto their file to view the instructor notes

  • Enrolling in driver’s education programs offered by Alberta Transportation Board approved instructors can help lower insurance rates as insurance companies view drivers with driver’s education as a lower risk

  • Driving lessons are designed based on each and every individual student’s needs to build confidence and allow students to learn at a rate which makes the student feel the most comfortable - Problems areas are noted and reviewed each and every session with the student to ensure each student gets to focus on areas that are of concern before the Class 5 Basic Road Test

  • With both pick up and drop off services our driving lessons are convenient and flexible

  • Students can view real-time and pick from a range of available driving instructor hours for convenient sessions. They can also track their progress in the school based on the driving instructor’s comments which will be available online to track how they are doing in the driver’s education program

  • Registration is simple and easy, let us worry about the administrative duties, with email notifications and confirmations that are designed to take care of all administrative and scheduling procedures the student can concentrate solely on their driving lessons

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